Backyard Buffs Ultimate Activity List

Ever been bored and don’t know what to do? Here’s the ultimate list of things to do, create, adventure to, etc. If you’re still bored, definitely not our fault.

Backyard Games

Roll in the grass, at the beach, while camping or at your BBQ

Glow in the Dark Bocce Ball
Our most recommended game that consistently lives in the fun trunk

An amazing game that has captured our hearts since day 1

Knock ‘Em
A 14 year old developed this, and it’s AMAZING. If you love Kubb, you’ll love this.

Be careful which stick you pull or, kerplunk goes your winning streak

Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite playground game that you either love or hate

Chip Down
Golf + Backyard Game = the perfect game for a golf lover

Spike Ball
The competitive game that has transformed the backyard game world

Bottle Bullseye
Bottle flipping crazed the nation… perfect your skills with this game

Giant Jenga
The classic game can now be played in your backyard

Shaka Ball
The best beach game that the whole family can enjoy!

Outdoor Activities

The activity that entertained us for a whole summer

Hike & Picnics
Grab a loaf of bread for PB&J’s, some snacks, and pick a hike!

Free once you have the paddles & balls… (nothing is ever free, learn that quick kids)

Pickleball Variations
Our courts are always packed, many people + 1 court = fun ideas


DIY Kerplunk
One of my favorite games as a kid, recreated for fun in the backyard!

DIY Candy Cone
Ring Toss

Halloween DIY project for the fam!

DIY Patio Garden
Take some seeds, take some buckets, look at that plant, delish


I LOVE SAILING SO FREAKING MUCH. If you get an opportunity GO!

Snow Canyon State Park (Southern UT)
Quick get away to experience places in our “backyard”

More to come…
Lot’s of additional adventures to come!


Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt
We try to do a lot of “ultimate” things…they don’t always work

Fathers Day Gift List
Need an idea for a Fathers Day present? Look no further

2019 Black Friday Deals
Best deals for Black Friday 2019

Cornhole for Backyard Weddings
Backyard weddings are in, and cornhole is the best choice in the land

Fun Trunk
We have a trunk that holds all the fun things

Your State’s Favorite Backyard Game
Pickleball has taken over Utah!!!

2019 Christmas Gift List
Which backyard games are the best options for presents?

Who are the Backyard Buffs?
Who are we? Two weirdos who love backyard games and the outdoors!

Indoor Games

Throw Throw Burrito
One day we will play with real burritos, and it will be amazing

The game of awkward

Jungle Speed
A fast paced game and avoid playing with sharp nails to avoid danger

Secret Hitler
You will lose all friendships, but its quite an entertaining process

We want you to be active and creative, while most importantly… having FUN.