Hike & Picnic!

Oh what do you do in the summertime when all the world is green (Anderson)?

It has been hot, hot, hot where we are, and the mountains are super green. We wanted a free activity to do with some friends outside! So, we planned ourselves a little hike and picnic to celebrate the warm weather and pretty scenery!

Stewart Falls, Utah

All it took was a little scouting out of a hike, and packing a back full of goodies for our picnic. We are a big fan of using the AllTrails app to find good hikes around us. We specifically used this app for this hike, because Cassidy wanted to go on a “waterfall hike.” Easy enough, AllTrails has a specific filter for waterfall hikes near you. You can filter for attractions like waterfall, wild flowers, beach, cave, and more, and also filter for activities like mountain biking, running, backpacking, camping, and even bird watching! Super quick and easy to find great trails around you for a quick evening hike, or for a long backpacking vacation.

Our picnic was very simple… a loaf of bread with some peanut butter, homemade raspberry jam, Cox Creamed Honey, Sweet Maui Onion Chips and some other random picnic items (fruit snacks, summer sausage and even spray cheese made an appearance).

At the top of the hike, we broke out the food, stood around and chatted while gazing at the amazing views. Even if your days are crazy busy, combine a hike with a meal and some good company and you are SET to have an amazing time. 😁