Game Review: Giant Jumbling Tower (Giant Jenga)

For the version we own: $59.99 at Walmart, $49.99 at Kohl’s.

  • Time to set up: 2 minutes.
  • Duration of game: 10-20 minutes depending on how much fellow players complain about the difficulty of their turn.
  • Number of players that are needed/can participate: 2-Any. (Would suggest limiting it to 8.)
  • Where it can be played? You will need a flat surface to stack the blocks on (cement, wooden board, etc.). Grass isn’t an amazing surface unless it’s very, very flat.
  • How to play: After stacking each layer of the tower 4 blocks wide, orienting each layer in different directions, players will take turns cautiously removing pieces from the tower and stacking removed pieces on top of the ever-swaying tower.

Total Game Score: 13

Ease of storage/portability: 3. It’s a bit bulky, but not too bad if you have room in a garage, shed, or game closet. Just keep in mind the box is about 8″ x 8″ and 3 feet tall.

Durability (packaging or game pieces): 3. The packaging lowers the score significantly for this category. The game box has been destroyed from re-packing the blocks over and over, but what can’t you fix with duct tape? 🙂 As well, you could easily store it in a plastic storage bin.

Friendly for all Ages/Skill Levels: 5. Literally anyone can play this game (probably ages 4+… more for the safety of not getting hurt by falling blocks).

Fair Pricing: 2. It’s looking like the price is a bit higher than we initially paid for it. At the price point it’s at now, it’s not an amazing price (especially since we combine 2 sets as described in more detail below). Our guess is it also wouldn’t be too hard to DIY. Besides that, it’s a fun game, decent quality, and we have probably used over 50 times.

Conclusion: We actually like to combine 2 sets of this game. Double the trouble. With just one box, it’s a bit short and doesn’t really meet the description of “giant” in our opinion. When you combine two, mid-game it can get closer to 6.5 feet tall! Either way, really fun for all ages, easy to transport, great for a backyard wedding game, bbq game, or a fun family night. We would highly suggest!