Black Friday 2019 – Best Deals on Backyard Games

Once again—you didn’t ask for it, but we are delivering. Below are all of the Backyard Games (that we could find) that will be on sale for Black Friday! Cassidy speaking here. I majored in Finance in college, and I’ve always had a weird draw to finding really good deals on anything and everything. You know years ago when you would get a HUGE pile of mail that had every Black Friday deals going on, and pages of pages you had to scour through? I loved that. So much. Shopping and saving money, two great things. 

That being said, we are throwing it back to my childhood. I have scoured the internet and printed pages to find the BEST deals on backyard games and activities for you this holiday season. (I apologize in advance for the long post.) Let me know if you end up purchasing any of these! I would love to hear that some of you benefited from this fun research 🙂 


Giant Jumbling Tower. Originally $60.00, Black Friday Deal: $44.99

Giant Jenga @ Target - Black Friday

If you haven’t read our review on this game, read about it here! It’s a great game that can be played indoors or outdoors. We really love playing this with two games combined, and this is a great deal to get two for a much better deal!

Wilson Football, Soccerball, Volleyball & Basketballs. Originally $19.99, Black Friday Deal $10

Sports Balls @ Target - Black Friday

We wouldn’t suggest these as the highest quality balls, but for the kids these are awesome to have in a “ball bucket” of sorts to play with throughout the summer. Balls get destroyed anyways, might as well get them for a great deal!


Backyard Playground/Playset. Originally $1599.99, Black Friday Deal: $999.99 (only available until 11/21, and ONLY on!!!)

Okay when I was little I was stoked that we had a playset with monkey bars a slide and a couple swings… this thing has THREE slides including a twisty turning one, a rock climbing wall, swings, a little kitchen thing going on under the double slide, and THREE STORIES. The backside not only has a wooden ladder, but a rope ladder as well.  These things are getting cooler and cooler every year. Watch, when we have kids these playsets will have a full on rocket simulator. Geez. Despite my sarcasm, $600 bucks off this thing is a great deal.


3 Piece Mini Ball Sport Set. Originally $29.98, Black Friday Deal: $14.99

Mini Sports Balls @ Lowe's  - Black Friday

Another awesome option to get some balls for the kiddos. These mini balls are perfect for training those one and two year olds. They need to get their reps in, and the big balls might just be too big. 

LandShark Longboard. Originally $99.99, Black Friday Deal: $49.99

Longboard @ Lowe's  - Black Friday

Longboarding is a great activity to get outdoors and do! None of this automated, remoted controlled stuff. Learn manually first! (I never thought I would actually say that about riding a skateboard, long board, bike, or scooter.)


JOOLA Ping Pong Table. Originally $499.99, Black Friday Deal: $249.99

Ping Pong Table @ Sears  - Black Friday

Sportcraft Foosball Table. Originally $299.99, Black Friday Deal: $119.99

Foosball Table @ Sears  - Black Friday

Sportcraft Air Hockey Table. Originally $399.99, Black Friday Deal: $169.99

Air Hockey Table @ Sears  - Black Friday

I know what you are thinking.. Hey! These are NOT backyard games. Well yeah, it depends. First off, Merek’s family kept their ping pong table in the garage, and when it got too hot, they opened the garage, and wheeled it out. So that one specifically could be classified as a front yard game. (Remember, we don’t discriminate where you play your games… more power to ya.) Second, we live in Utah, so sometimes it’s just chilly, and you need some options to play some active games inside! I have definitely worked up a sweat playing Around the World on a ping pong table. Foosball and Airhockey as well get you moving and your heart pumping. 


Jetson Jupiter Folding Kick Scooter. Originally $29.99, Black Friday Deal: $19.99

Scooter @ Kohls  - Black Friday

Here’s what we are talking about! A regular scooter where you actually have to create your own momentum. Ahh… I loved my scooter. It folded up so nicely just like this one. Great for the parents with limited garage/storage space. Let’s encourage these scooter riders! Way to push yourselves!

Outdoor Archery Set.  Originally $59.99, Black Friday Deal: $19.99

Archery @ Kohls  - Black Friday

Katniss from the Hunger Games, Merida the Scottish(?) Disney princess, and I’ve even heard associated with Fortnite… what do they all have in common? Bow and Arrow. The world has become exposed to bow and arrows/archery and I’m actually liking the trend. It’s flipping HARD to accurately hit a target. So, if your kids are looking to start training early, this is a great option. (Not for the Hunger Games, just for fun people.)

American Vintage Americana Bean Bag Toss.  Originally $99.99, Black Friday Deal: $39.99

Corn Hole @ Kohls  - Black Friday

Looking to rep the good ol United States of America year round? This cornhole set is for you! We will have a full review of cornhole in the future. I am convinced that a cornhole game is highly dependent on it’s quality and durability. Though I cannot give you a full review on this specific version at this time… it does have that America thing going for it!


Neon Vector Scooter with LED Ligth Up Wheels Blue. Black Friday Deal: $15

Scooter @ Walmart  - Black Friday

Here’s what we are talking about! A regular scooter where you actually have to create your own momentum. Ahh… I loved my scooter. It folded up so nicely just like this one. Great for the parents with limited garage/storage space. Let’s encourage these scooter riders! Way to push yourselves!

ESPN Mid-Size Folding Table Tennis Table with Paddles and Balls. Black Friday Deal: $78

Ping Pong Table @ Walmart  - Black Friday

This is wayyy cheaper than the ping pong table on sale at Sears for Black Friday. I don’t know the exact difference in quality, but I can tell you that from my brief research, out of about 3,700 reviews on Amazon, the JOOLA table being sold at sears has 79% 5 star rating. This ESPN table only has 41% 5 star rating out of 10 reviews. May be worth spending a bit more to have a ping pong table that lasts longer. 

Yvolution Neon Balance Bike. Black Friday Deal: $15

Balance Bike @ Walmart  - Black Friday

Have a cute little kid that wants to learn to ride a bike? Here’s a perfect option. Looks like it comes in both pink and blue. 

Yvolution Neon Street Roller. Black Friday Deal: $15

Heel Wheels @ Walmart  - Black Friday

So this is interesting… It’s like Heely’s, but not. Strap them on to any shoe, and get scootin! I LOVED my Heely’s as a kid. Wore them everywhere. They only had one wheel, these have two… does that make it better for balancing? Safer in any way? Probably not. Still great fun though. And $15 is a way better price point than the $60+ I remember paying (and then your foot grows, and you have to get a new pair with a new size). 

Bounce Pro My First Jump 7-Foot Trampoline and Swing, Blue/Green. Black Friday Deal: $144

Little kid playground @ Walmart  - Black Friday

I just think this looks super fun for me! Your own personal trampoline, and a cool swing. FUN!

Sam’s Club

Backyard Discovery Malibu Cedar Swing Set. Originally $1,499.00, Black Friday Deal: $1,199.00

Swingset @ Sam's Club - Black Friday

Another fancy Swing Set. This one has a full on kitchen! Not as many slides as the Costco one, but has a second “house” to climb down into. 

Skywalker Trampolines 16′ Deluxe Round Sports Arena Trampoline with Enclosure, Black. Originally $399.00, Black Friday Deal: $299.00

Tramp/Volleyball Net @ Sam's Club - Black Friday

You want to know what I love about this??? The volleyball net on the side!!! What smart people to combine the two. Now you only have to worry about one volleyball net pole, and the other one is extremely stable and durable. Love it. 


Amazon will be having tons of various sales going on throughout the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. We will be posting about these various deals on our Instagram and Facebook stories! Follow along to see the deals.


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