Game Review: Kubb

$34.99 on Amazon (Classic Version)

  • Time to set up: 3 minutes 
  • Duration of game: 15-30 minutes
  • Number of players that are needed/can participate: 2-12 maximum (we would suggest 3 vs. 3 though)
  • Where it can be played? Grass, sand, or other soft surfaces
  • How to Play: Two teams, each starts with 5 short, stout blocks lined up on their respective side. The “King” block is set up in the middle. Each team trades off throwing 6 long, skinny sticks (underhanded) end over end to knock over the other team’s blocks. Throughout it all, don’t hit the king over, or the opposing team immediately wins! (There’s a bit more to it, but any more than a brief synopsis could over-complicate the simplicity of this awesome game.)

Total Game Score: 14 (Classic Version); 16 (Premium Version)

Ease of storage/portability: 4. Comes with a storage bag, small enough to bring and store anywhere! Though it is kind of hard to remember how to fit everything and pack up correctly. (Make sure you pay attention when unpacking the first time.)

Durability (packaging or game pieces): 3. We were introduced to this game by some friends—their version seemed to have more durable wood pieces… after a few games with ours, there was some noticeable denting, but nothing that made the game unplayable. If you get the premium version, we would rate it a 5.

Friendly for all Ages/Skill Levels: 3. The concept of throwing a stick underhanded at blocks seems simple enough. In fact, we’ve actually played with grandma. However, she struggled a bit despite her best efforts… we still love her. It takes some accuracy and coordination to time the release of the stick and successfully knock down the blocks. Playing this game with little kids would probably require some sort of handicap that allows them to stand closer.

Fair Pricing: 4. For what you get in the hassle-free storage bag and the hours of fun to be had, this game is priced very fairly compared to other backyard games we’ve played.

Conclusion: Again, this is a perfect game that we love for our Fun Trunk! It works best on sand or a freshly mowed lawn. We don’t recommend playing on any hard surfaces such as concrete due to the more fragile wooden pieces. It’s an easy game to learn and after a couple turns, you become expert enough to teach other newcomers how to play. We would definitely classify it as one of those “let’s play another round” games that can be played at any level of intensity. Whether it’s playing with grandma and the kids or hand-picking competitive teams, there’s endless rounds to be played with this one.