Southern Utah

Have you ever been to Southern Utah? There are 5 different National Parks scattered across Southern Utah, and lots of state parks as well. Thinking you want to go? You probably shouldn’t. None of them are pretty. No good views. No good scenery. 😉

Okay, hopefully you gathered that we were joking. Every park is amazing and beautiful in it’s own way, and is 100% worth seeing if you get the chance!

State parks have opened up in Utah, so we took a short hike in Snow Canyon State Park this past week. These particular photos were taken along the Hidden Pinyon Trail. It’s a quick hike that loops around some magnificent rocks in the area. Cassidy talking here—I’ve been on quite a few hikes around the different parts of Southern Utah… I was shocked at how quick this hike was to see some AMAZING views. Great hike for families with kids of any age.

We’ve mentioned this before, but we wanted to remind you again… GET OUTSIDE!!! We are lucky enough to have these areas in our backyard. What amazing things do you have in your backyard?