The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift List

Mothers Day ✅
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Fathers Day  😬 

We feel you. We stress about getting the perfect mother’s day present, finishing school, and then you realize Father’s Day is around the corner. There’s a quick panic where you debate if you should ask him what he wants, but then you go back and forth trying to decide if you should surprise him with something instead. Ultimately, we typically end up asking our fathers what they want, but we get some answer like “I have everything I need and don’t need anything else. Don’t worry about it.” Which answer then makes us stress even more about a good gift…or we resort to the Home Depot gift card.

Thus, this is a list for those who don’t want to give the Home Depot gift card for the fifth year in a row. 😉


One of our all-time favorite games, that we know dads and grandpas will love. It is a great game for fathers to lovingly bond with their children or competitively cream them and then make them do the dishes after (place your dad in his respective category). It’s a game where two teams take turns tossing skinny sticks, attempting to knock over the other team’s blocks while trying to avoid knocking down a large king block in the middle of it all. If you want to learn more about it, then check out our post reviewing Kubb. Best played in large grassy areas/backyards or on the beach. There are quite a few different sets out there, this is what we have and have loved it—$34.99 from Amazon.

Knock ‘Em

If you already have Kubb and your dad likes it, definitely check out Knock ‘Em ($49.95). The developer of the game was 14 at the time of game creation, and is actually from the same town where Cassidy grew up! We played with them a few weeks ago and LOVED the game. It has a Kubb and Bocce feel and can be played with 2-8 players.


Another great backyard game for bbqs, camping trips, beach days and more! Merek likes to describe it as a mix between bocce ball and horseshoes. ($49.95 on Amazon).

Shaka Ball

Need a chill beach game? Shaka Ball is PERFECT. Get a group of four together to play a bit of four square mixed with a ping pong/pickleball vibe. Defend your area, by using a paddle to hit the ball to the other competitor’s area. Avoid hitting the Shaka in the middle! The paddles, bag, and materials are all super good quality and will last for years to come. ($55.00 on Amazon).

Pickleball Paddles

Cassidy’s dad loves Pickleball. A bunch of guys in the neighborhood will get together at the local courts in the summer, and the local church gym in the winter to play daily. They literally used electrical tape to tape off the lines in the church gym, that’s how much they love it! Pickleball paddles are a great price point, and dads all over love playing! Give your dad the gift of pickleball! For a cheaper option, we like these wooden ones ($23.99 on Amazon). Though, we will admit the nicer ones last longer—we have been using these Onix paddles for about a year now and they still look brand new ($99 on Amazon, but currently on sale for $79.99 at Al’s Sporting Goods).

An Adventurous Activity!

After we went on an incredible sailing trip, we wrote about how everyone needs to have an adventurous escapade every so often! Airbnb & Groupon often have great deals to make the fun more affordable. Cassidy once got a Groupon to go skydiving for around $40 (don’t quote me on that)… “it was one of the sketchiest planes I’ve ever seen in my life”… it may be a good price, but you get what you pay for with those good deals. 😂 Also, a few weeks ago we got a killer deal on an AirBnb in Southern Utah.

Eno Hammock

A portable hammock. Does your dad have a hammock that he can bring anywhere? If not, get him one quick. If nothing else, it’s a great option for him, to bring his snoring afternoon nap into the backyard rather than disturbing the peace in the rest of the house. A present for the receiver and giver! 😂 Cassidy has this two person Eno Hammock and has loved it ($69.95 on Amazon).

Home Depot Gift Card & DIY Ideas

Maybe you settle for the Home Depot gift card, if so, no judgement from us! But, instead of just placing it in a card, why not give him an awesome DIY idea to go with it! We recently built a DIY Kerplunk backyard game, and it has been our most popular post to date. Give it a try!

A Creative Option 😂

A creative option: (we’re odd, roll with it)…play “find the rust” in your dad’s garage or shed. It’s a game for you, to find a gift for him! This is what Cassidy did for her dad this year. Walk around the area, find the rustiest tool or item that he continues to use year after year after year. There were two amazing options—a rusty old saw (doesn’t even cut straight but still uses it), and an old wheelbarrow (literally the handles are splintering wood, it used to be green but is now rust, and the tire’s flat). We will be getting him this nice hand saw from Amazon ($12.99). As far as wheelbarrows go, this one looked legit (it’s like a bath tub on a moving cart…) but we will probably just end up getting a classic one from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

For the Golf Lovers….

(Note – for this golf series below, we haven’t actually played the games, but they look pretty cool!)


If your dad is a golf lover, definitely take a look at this game. It is on the pricier side ($234.99 for the version with the carrying bag), so maybe have your siblings all pitch in for this perfect gift for the golf lover. A cornhole and golfing mix, Chippo is great for those wanting to perfect their swing in the backyard and then show off their skills at their next neighborhood bbq. It’s like a pride boost as well as a gift!


A golf yard game, for a golf lover ($189.95 but currently on sale for $169.95). Does your dad get teased for his weak putting game? After a few weeks with this bad boy, he’ll have the last laugh.


The last of this “mini” golf series. Instead of golf balls, for this game you are using weighted birdies to perfect your chipping game ($69.99 but currently on sale for $49.99). Maybe not as practical to help improve your golf game, but looks fun nonetheless.

Want more ideas?

None of these fit your taste? See Amazon’s Top Gift List here, or take a look in our Fun Trunk! 😊 It includes tons of fun items that we take all over the place.