Game Review: Throw Throw Burrito

It’s crazy to think that it’s already the beginning of March! We’re starting to feel that tickle of SPRING PLEASE COME. You’ve gone through most of the games in your house, and now you just want to get out and play! Then, it snows. Or worse, it pours rain just when it was starting to feel warm enough to get out and do something. We’re on the verge of good weather, but you’re probably looking for a game to hold you over until things thaw out. Well my friends… do we have a game for you. …Throw Throw Burrito!! *Rubs hands together while smiling slyly.* The self proclaimed “dodgeball card game”. The food fight that doesn’t have to be cleaned up (unless of course you have to clean up some damaged egos…). 

If you have ever played Exploding Kittens (we haven’t, still need to try it), it’s from the same creators. This is definitely our favorite game from Christmas 2019. No other time on family game night will you ever be able to get your blood pumping while playing a card game. You have to be quick and get the adrenaline pumping if you want to avoid getting softly yet aggressively pegged by the cushiest, cutest burrito you’ve ever seen. The cushy foam burritos included with the game are absolutely adorable. Some have even mentioned their urge to put the burrito in their mouth… actually every single time we have played a member of the group has made that comment. No matter how cute and appetizing you think it may look, please, save the burrito for slinging and not for snacking. We’re excited to give you a review on what we believe is the up and coming game for family and friends to play at the game night nearest you.

Cutie Patooties
  • Time to set up: 1-2 minutes.
  • Duration of game: The game consists of 2 rounds and should last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. The first two rounds usually take 5-7 minutes each. If a final burrito dual is necessary at the end of 2 rounds, (which hopefully it is) then it should take less than a minute to crown the fearsome champion.
  • Number of players that are needed/can participate: The box says 2-6, but we’ve found that it’s more fun with 3+ players. And we’ve played with up to 8 people. 
  • Where can it be played? Anywhere, but hide anything potentially breakable. Playing at a table helps avoid stepping on or bending cards and other game pieces. We usually play at the table or even a ping pong table works well for bigger groups. You can play on the floor but you either need to clear space mid-game for players to duel or have another designated area for duels to occur.
  • How to play? The goal of the game is to win two rounds by earning the most points. You earn points by passing cards around the table (think spoons) and collect 3-of-a-kind sets as fast as you can. Some special sets trigger burrito throwing battles where the first person to be hit by a burrito loses a point. Whoever gets the most points, by finding the most 3-of-a-kind sets, while at the same time avoiding getting nailed by the burritos, will be crowned winner of the round. If a person wins both rounds, then they are declared the winner. If someone else wins the second round, then the winners of each round will face off in one final burrito duel to determine the winner. (Burrito Dual: as great as it sounds. Two players, back to back, walk away from each other 3 steps, and on the shout of “BURRITO”, sling the smiling burritos at each other as quickly as possible. You may hide, use other people or items to block for you, or simply run away.)

Backyard Buffs’ Rating: 19

ALERT: New rating category for Indoor Games!!!! Instead of “Ease of storage/portability,” for indoor games we will be rating their “Creativity/originality”.

Creativity/originality: 5. Have you ever played a game with various characters such as the Floaty Goaty? Or Goth Sloth? Right. Neither had we. The creativity on this game is amazing. As we mentioned before, the cute little burritos make everyone’s heart melt, and the graphics on the cards just make you laugh out loud. Fun, and colorful. The game in of itself is somewhat a “reinventing of the wheel”… only because it builds off of a basic spoons game. But throwing in Burrito Duals and other action cards makes it so much better. This game is a solid 5 for SURE in this category.

Card Details

Durability (packaging or game pieces): 4. The game comes with 120 cards, 2 burritos, 6 burrito bruises, and one “fear me” badge. They’re not “breakable” persay, but cards and other pieces can be bent or stepped on if played on the floor. You’ve been warned. The little “Burrito Bruise” pieces are quite small and we are a bit worried about losing them. Our only reason for the slightly lower scoring here.

Friendly for all Ages/Skill Levels: 5. This game is awesome for kids because the cards have simple graphics and are easy to learn. Every time we introduce our friends to the game, it only takes about one single round to get the hang of things … and not hurl burritos out of turn. The only slight hesitation we could see with sensitive, younger children is for the adults to not get too aggressive while throw throwing. Analyze the group you are playing with!

Fair Pricing: 5. At only $25.00 we feel like it’s just about the perfect price for the hours of fun you get, throwing burritos and sorting through the cute and humorous cards. After each time we have played, players leave commenting that they want to go immediately get the game as well. 

Conclusion: Throw Throw Burrito will be a classic in the Judd household for all game nights to come. As we said in the beginning, we truly believe that this is one of the up and coming games. We stumbled upon it while looking for Christmas presents, and we’re sure that it’s going to become even more increasingly popular in the coming months (hopefully due in part to our upstanding review). Stay tuned for Toss Toss Tostada, coming soon from Backyard Buffs. (Just kidding, not a real thing, but not a bad idea.)