Adventurous Moments

Thoughts from Cassidy here…

Have you ever gone sailing? We have some wonderful family members that have been sailing for years. I first went sailing when I was pretty little, and I obviously LOVED it. See the photo below for proof (it may take a moment of I Spy).

Cassidy. Obsessed with sailing.

Now if that doesn’t make you want to go sailing… I don’t know what will. Actually, I totally understand if you were creeped, because I was, and it’s a photo of me. Yikes.

There’s something about sailing that’s just amazing. The boat, the ocean, friends and family, beautiful views, the ability to be calm during the stress, a sense of clarity… For me, it’s similar to that moment you wake up in the woods first thing in the morning and breath in the fresh air next to the pine trees. Or the adrenaline while playing in the last few moments of an intense soccer game, or getting to the top of a mountain after a tough hike, or simply staring up at the stars in the desert. Maybe the situations aren’t the same for everyone, but it’s just those moments where your brain is calm. You can actually think. There aren’t distractions. Just peace…

I have to admit, I haven’t put in the effort the past couple years to seek out these moments. I’ve been too busy with school, work, my phone, work again, and honestly, just distractions. I haven’t really enjoyed the things that I used to, or even put the time in to try and create more moments that I knew I would enjoy. I haven’t made time to find those peaceful, perspective-bringing moments.

Back to our recent adventure… Sailing fits perfectly into one of these “clarity” moments for me. It is a time where there is peace where I can actually think and enjoy the company of friends and family around me! (and it’s not just because Wifi is spotty at best, 6 miles out into the ocean 😉  

Now after waxing philosophical, and if you have even made it this far, there are two things I want everyone to know. 

Number 1: Get out and find adventurous moments. Find those moments where you can take in the world around you; the beautiful moments, pure happiness, and sparks of clarity! If you don’t know what those moments look like for you, FIND OUT! There is beauty all around us in the world just waiting to be found. Don’t let anything hold you back!

Number 2: Some of life’s most precious moments can come when there is laughter and happiness! You may have been wondering if we were going to mention any games… well of course we are!

While sailing, you can’t spend ALL of your time just pondering life. Good, healthy competition that incites laughter is necessary. We played a bit of Blokus (Cassidy won yet again), It Came to Pass (a new game for us), and Cover Your Assets. In addition, some easy, packable games we brought in our carry-on were Uno (this one is specifically Harry Potter Uno), Monopoly Deal, and just your basic deck of cards. A deck of cards is an endless supply of games in of itself!

Packable Games! Photo Cred: Merek

There are always times in life to break out the games, make new friends, and enjoy some laughter! Look for those opportunities, but also… remember to make time for adventurous moments. I promise you won’t regret it.