You clicked on the “About” page, so you are understandably wondering, what is a Backyard Buff?

Well, let me explain.

When you Google the word “Buff” you’ll see the following definitions:

  1. a yellowish-beige color.
  2. a stout dull yellow leather with a velvety surface.
  3. a stick, wheel, or pad used for polishing or smoothing.

Yeah soooo you have to click on the arrow below that says “Translations, word origins, and more definitions.”

Now you’re there!

Buff: a person who is enthusiastically interested in and very knowledgeable about a particular subject.

Now, maybe not backyards specifically, but backyard games? That’s our jam. We love being active, having fun, burning some calories, and all while in the great outdoors. Now occasionally we will talk about some cool backyards we saw, awesome landscape, adventurous experiences, etc. But, our purpose is to introduce you to some of the best backyard games we have discovered.

Hope you enjoy!

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