DIY: Candy Cone Ring Toss

It’s Halloween week.

We had to do something fun with a Halloween theme! Thus, Candy Cone Ring Toss. I have this dream that we will live somewhere that’s warm in the end of October (we got 4 inches of snow a few days ago), trick or treaters will be strolling through the neighborhood, and we will have all these fun Halloween outdoor games strewn throughout the lawn for all to enjoy! And lots of candy of course!

Supplies needed: 

  • Orange cones – $14.99
  • Glowsticks – $10.99; could also use any type of rings
  • White & Yellow spray paint – $3.98 each (Yukon Gold is the color I used for Yellow; also DON’T GO CHEAP ON THE PAINT—I tried it with the $0.96 white… see the results below…hahaha.)

I’ll be honest, I really like the very simple DIY projects. Candy Cone Ring Toss is definitely one of them. The steps are simple, easy, and fun. Bonus: takes only about 15 minutes total!

  1. Spray the bottom third of each cone with yellow spray paint. As mentioned above, I thought Yukon Gold was the perfect color. If you would like the lines to be extremely even, use some painters tape to be able to separate the sections in a defined way. If you’ve ever eaten candy corn, then you’ll know that the colors vary from piece to piece. I personally like the rough blending lines more than the distinct. I found that adding about two layers covered the cone sufficiently.
  2. Let this dry for a bit. (Seems to take about 5 minutes, depending on the cone and the number of layers you applied.)
  3. Spray the top third of each cone with white spray paint. Really, you are just wanting to get the tip. Again, if you prefer, you can tape off for more distinct lines. (My lame cheapo paint started dripping all over.)
  4. Let the paint dry. 
  5. While the paint is drying, you can get the glow sticks broken and ready. Connect two glow sticks together with the connectors to make a “ring”. As noted in the supplies, you could also use any other “rings” for a typical ring toss game. It would be cool to try and get some hardened rope or something similar for a more rustic look.  
  6. Once the paint is dry, the rings are ready, all that is left is to position the cones for play! You could stack them on a hay bale, I’ve seen one version on hay in a red wagon, or even just going back to the basics on the grass or cement. 

Done! As simple as that. As mentioned above, and from what you see with the pictures… DO NOT GO CHEAP ON THE SPRAY PAINT. That was one of those DIY fails that I learned from. I’ll update with pictures from better paint and give you a side by side soon.

Game Play: For a competitive group, assign values for each cone. You can set up in a diamond, middle cone worth 5 points, back row 3, and the rest 1. Each player gets 3 rings. There are plenty of variations.

Happy game making, and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!