How do we rate games?

For every game we review, we will give the following descriptions:

  • Time to set up
  • Duration of game
  • Number of players that are needed/can participate
  • Where it can be played
  • Brief description of how to play

In addition, the game will get a score up to 20 based on the following criteria (1 to 5 points per category):

Creativity/Originality (Indoor games only): Is the game alluring? Is it similar to another game you have played before? How creative are the graphics? Did they go ABOVE and BEYOND to create a fun game?? If they reinvented the wheel based on an OG game with a twist, we like that too. Positive responses to any and all of these will add to a score of 5.

Ease of storage/Portability (Outdoor games only): We literally store our 9-square in the equivalent of a body bag requiring two people to carry, or a really strong friend, and it takes the whole backseat of a car or truck bed to move… that’s a 1. On the other hand, Spikeball has the awesome quick storage bag that you can sling over your shoulder and take anywhere… we think it’s a 5. 

Durability (packaging or game pieces): Games that break the first time you play or the box rips immediately—1. We love the game that lasts forever, is a family favorite and gets passed on like a family heirloom—5.

Friendly for all Ages/Skill Levels: Limited to the most athletic family members and requires technical skills—1. Or, can grandma hop in for a few rounds and dominate—5 (Notice: Backyard Buffs is not liable for injuries to grandmas, grandpas, or unusually clumsy and accident prone people. However, we do feel for you.)

Fair Pricing: This category is a bit relative, but we will give you our opinion. Is it too expensive for the quality—1. It’s a great price for longevity of the game and/or the entertainment of the game—5.