5 Great Outdoor Activities for Mother’s Day

Finding a great Mother’s day gift is always a challenge. You want to find the perfect gift, but maybe this year an experience is better than a physical gift! (Also if you are last minute planning, these ideas don’t require shipping time 😜)

Create a memory, spend time with your mom and enjoy the smiles that come from these outdoor experiences this spring!

Find a local hike and take a picnic

Last summer we had an amazing evening hiking to a local waterfall with friends. We watched the weather, picked a warm night and announced our grand plan. We packed sandwiches, chips and fruit and packed our little meal to the top of the trail. Such a fun memory of eating yummy sandwiches while feeling the spray of the waterfall. What better way to top it off, then by our friend’s announcing they were going to be parents within the year! We love getting outdoors in our “backyard.” 😉

Find a scenic view, and paint away

Think of it as a Bob Ross evening. The mountains in the background, maybe a nice pond in the foreground and paint those happy little trees! All you will need are a few little canvases, paints and paint brushes. All can be found somewhere as easy as a Walmart near you. We did this the past winter, and my brother even tried to sell his on Ebay. Which he then got an offer for $100, but unfortunately the money actually never came through… still a hilarious memory we all laugh about as a family though!

Clean the Yard

This one should not be done WITH your mother, but instead FOR your mother. Each Mother’s Day our extended family has a whole clean up day for our beloved grandma. A great Saturday filled with mowing grass, pulling weeds, planting flowers, cutting trees and spreading new bark. (In a different vein, I’d love to know if you call it “Bark” or “Tan Bark” – Cassidy grew up saying just bark, Merek says tan bark.) This is a super easy way to get multiple people involved in a gift for your grandma or mom. Any age of kid or grandkid can be involved and contribute! We typically end with a big bbq all together and throwing some backyard games in the mix is always a win. Mother’s and grandmother’s love seeing their families bond. Getting a facelift on the yard is just a cherry on top at that point.

Plant a Garden

You don’t have to have a ton of space to plant a garden. Believe me – I have made it work on our little deck! Every mom would enjoy some pretty flowers or fresh tomatoes throughout the summer! Last year we rocked the zucchini in our DIY bucket garden, and I’m all for doing it again. Planting a garden together is a fun way to get outside, spruce up the yard and reap benefits for the whole summer.

Outdoor Movie Night with Mom’s Favorite Movie

My mom’s absolute favorite movie ever is The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. When I say favorite movie, I genuinely mean that she has probably watched this movie thousands of times. Meaning I have 99% of this movie memorized. Meaning I literally know every. word. to. this. movie. HA! I know for a fact that if I set up a big projector and put on that movie, her day would be made. What’s your mom’s favorite movie?