Game Review: Azul

Have you ever played Splendor? We are huge fans, and we had some friends that told us if you like Splendor, you will also love Azul. Therefore, we immediately ordered because why not explore a new game in the colder months of the year!

Merek had a special love for this game, seeing as the first instruction is to allow the person who most recently visited Portugal to start the game. And seeing how in most circles, he’s the only one who lived in Portugal or had even visited, he’s the ding ding ding winner and gets to start. 🙄

Total Game Score: 13

Creativity/Originality: 5. As we have thought about the various games we have ever played, I honestly don’t think there is one quite like Azul. We LOVE the colorful boards and pieces. Merek again especially loves the Spanish and Portuguese “Azulejos” – which to Cassidy’s translation means the pretty blue tile design things 😂. Additionally, each time we play with someone new, the most popular comment is: “Ooh these little bright pieces remind me of Starbursts!” And yes, we agree, and have been tempted to take a bite. All that to say, we genuinely have not seen a game quite like Azul in terms of game play, color, pieces, etc.

Durability (packaging or game pieces): 4. Pieces will be long lasting, love the bag it gives you to hold pieces (rather than just a plastic ziplock type bag like many others). There’s a slight concern that the chipboard type boards may not last forever, but the biggest concern I have is for the teeny tiny little black score marking pieces. Those stinkers are LITTLE and I’m not going to be surprised at all when they disappear. Unfortunately, there are not any extras as well, so we shall see what happens over time and how long those will stick around. Other than that, the pieces are extremely good quality, and the box is much more durable than other games we have seen in the past.

Friendly for all Ages/Skill Levels: 2. Cassidy is arguing that it should be rated a one, simply because she has lost every game she has ever played against our cousin. It’s an ongoing battle she’s losing… probably 0/23 rounds 😂. Nevertheless, she has won against other opponents so she submitted to rewarding a two. This is a strategic game that takes thought and watching exactly what other opponents are doing. A game can end quickly if you aren’t paying close attention to other moves around the table. This is probably not a game you would want to try and teach little children, and I’m not sure if my grandma would remember to look at everyone’s moves extremely closely (sorry gma).

Fair Pricing: 3. $49.00 for a game is a bit on the higher end in our minds (But it’s currently on sale for $38!). We really enjoy the game, and have honestly gotten our money’s worth in our opinion, but again, it is on the pricier side. As mentioned above, the durability/packaging is really good, so we believe that this will be a game that sticks with us for many years.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a game to keep your kids entertained for a few hours, this one is perfect. We believe it definitely suits a younger audience if it’s to be played repeatedly, but ultimately any age group would enjoy playing a few rounds at a party or gathering. (Of course a gathering of vaccinated people, don’t @ us.) We think this is great for a potential little gift for a friend/family that will put smiles on many faces.