Tally Tumbler – Review

Water Bottles. If you are like us, you have free bottles from company swag, dented Hydro Flasks, a sticker covered bottle from your granola days, and then probably 3 cups or bottles with missing lids of some sort. If you’re in the market for a new water carrying friend, and you love outdoor games and activities as much as us, then you’ve come to the right place. Tally Tumblers are tumblers similar to the likes of newly popular Stanley cups, but with the “fun” dial turned up to 10 (pun intended)! Staying hydrated is essential when you’re playing games and participating in outdoor activities in the summer sun. Tally Tumblers will help you stay hydrated in the heat, but also allows you to keep score during the summer competitions so that anyone can keep “an honest tally.”

What is a Tally Tumbler?

The Tally Tumbler is the world’s first scorekeeping tumbler (that we know of, but honestly probably the only one, let’s be real). Gone are the days where people have to argue over the score because someone lost track. Gone should be the tumblers with no other dual utility. Equipped with built-in, rotating silicone bands right there on your tumbler, scoring the game is quick, accurate, and easy.

With 3 different options, you can choose from a golf tumbler, tennis tumbler, or an outdoor game tumbler to keep score during all of your favorite outdoor activities – all while staying hydrated.

What do we like about the Tally Tumbler?

The Tally Tumbler is extremely well designed. It is sleek and genuinely looks cool. I personally have never seen a mug or water bottle of any kind with a design that incorporates scorekeeping capabilities. Whenever we bring our Tally Tumbler somewhere, we always get asked about the design. After we explain how it works, everyone, without fail remarks how cool it looks.

Not only is the style great, but the durability is surprising. As previously mentioned, we also have quite a few Hydro Flask water bottles and they all have their fair share of dings and dents. The Tally Tumbler is made of stainless steel. Just holding it in your hand, you notice the difference in durability. They are meant to last!

We love that the tumbler is dishwasher safe. If you decide to fill it with a drink besides water and you want to make sure there is no leftover residue, just toss it in the dishwasher. We have to mention the fact that it really does keep your drink cold. We were playing outdoor games in 90-degree weather and after a couple of hours, the water was still ice cold. There was literally still ice in it!

The utility for the golf tumbler is amazing. You come back to your cart, your Tally Tumbler is sitting there keeping your drink nice and cold, and you can quickly keep score of the current game. No need to try and find the pencil and your score sheet. Every golf cart has a handy drink holder, and it fits right on in without trouble. Not too big that you need some adjustable cup holder add-on like we have seen with other tumblers/water bottles/custom cups.

What’s could be improved?

While the Tally Tumbler has some awesome features, we definitely don’t want to claim it’s the absolute perfect solution. While other brands don’t have as durable of a design, they make up for in color selection. The Tally Tumbler only comes in 3 different colors for the time being, but we’re hopeful that they come out with additional colors in future releases!

While using the scorekeeping feature playing corn hole and other outdoor games we found that it was time consuming to consistently be taking the time to update the score on the tumbler. If you’re committed to updating the score after every point and round then it’s not bad. We found it easier to keep track of rounds than individual points (same for the Tennis Tumbler). It would also help to have a table nearby to store it on unless you want to hold it the whole time. If you have an extra person, then giving them the tumbler to score is your best bet to accurately using the tumbler.

Is the Tally Tumbler worth the price?

In reality, Stanley Quencher Cups are often sold out and sold on the secondary market for a premium. Really high premiums in some cases from the crazy demand we have seen. The Tally Tumble is comparable to the competition at a similar price tag of $40. It retails at this similar price as many of the other name brands, but if you feel this is pricey – get yourself to look past the price by realizing it’s not only a tumbler. You will have yourself a cup that will last you until you get your money’s worth, AND it has the scorekeeping feature that is unique and unprecedented.

Final Verdict: Should I buy a Tally Tumbler?

Maybe you’re not into the Stanley Cup craze like us and don’t want to be trolling the internet just to get on the next list for available inventory. Maybe you’re looking for a tumbler that keeps you hydrated, stays cool and is durable. And just maybe, you’re an avid golfer, tennis player or yard game lover and want dual utility from your tumbler. If any of these strike a cord, then the Tally Tumbler is for you. The tumbler is durable, reusable and has virtually the best function for a tumbler we’ve ever seen. Who doesn’t want great functionality and a dual utility for keeping score?! They retail for the same price as the competition while being far more readily available. Sure, there aren’t as many colors, but who really needs sage green anyways? We’re here to keep score and stay hydrated during an intense round of our favorite games like Kubb, Corn hole, Knock Em’ and Bocce Ball.