Best Outdoor Games to Bring Camping

For those of us privileged to live in a place where we get all 4 seasons, it’s almost a palpable feeling as the winter turns to spring. We waited all winter long to get back out in the sun for some warm fun. As the April showers draw to a close and the world is full of life again, we take to the mountains for some perspective and regeneration. The typical day to day schedule can often get monotonous and getting away for the weekend is enough reset and unwind. It’s especially helpful when you’re out of cell service with no way to check your work email. While not having access to your work email or social might be unsettling at first, we’ve got 4 fun games and activities that are sure to maximize your escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


If you’ve read our previous posts then you know by now that Kubb is one of our all-time favorites. It’s a game of back and forth where it’s never really over, until it’s over. In the serenity of the forest or the crashing of oceans waves, it’s almost surreal to play without distractions (except for the chirping competitors, of course). Kubb is a fairly compact game, so it fits nicely at the bottom of your trunk as a foundation to the precarious stack of stuff that will eventually obscure your rear view (we’ve all been there, but there’s always room for more).

Knock ‘Em

Knock ‘Em is the game that is ever expanding both literally a figuratively. The game that was imagined up in a 14-year old’s mind has grown to be played by hundreds if not thousands. Playing in the great outdoors might get a little out of hand with stumps and rocks, but we think that just adds another element to the fun. It will fit nicely in your stack of stuff and even has a drawstring bag you can throw over your shoulder. That means less trips to and from the car while setting up camp. We’re all about fun, but efficiency is key.


Yes, we know that it’s kind of broad, but that just leaves the door open for a little creativity. Ultimate frisbee in the forest or on the beach could be exciting. We love this basic frisbee, these awesome frisbee rings, or this glow in the dark frisbee. There is nothing more fun than playing games on the beach. What you lose in speed and traction from the sand is made up for in the reckless abandon of diving onto sand. Playing frisbee golf in the forest is fun as well! Instead of baskets you can have a tree in the distance be your goal. Get creative with it. Draw a 3-ring target in the sand and see who can get the highest score in 3-5 throws. Maybe dig some holes and see who can get from hole to hole in the least amount of throws like a fun hybrid of golf and croquet (or essentially a ghetto frisbee golf). Frisbees are awesome because there are limitless games you can play. We recommend that you always make sure that frisbee gets flung in the stack with the marshmallows and all the clothes you’re never going to wear. We’ve all been there. Neatly packing 3 sets of clothes only to wear the same clothes the whole time and leaving them at the base of layering if it gets cold.

Want to take Frisbee games to the next level? Check out our Bottle Bash review or Kan Jam! (Glow in the dark Kan Jam is looking pretty legit too, it’s on our Christmas list!)

Glow in the Dark Bocce Ball

Glow in the Dark Bocce – We saved the best for last! Kind of, but actually YES! Camping is the absolute best time to break out your set of Glow in the Dark Bocce. Hopefully, the ominous glow doesn’t attract scary animals, but hey, at least they work as effective projectiles for protection. Joking aside, Glow in the Dark Bocce without the light pollution of the city is probably one of the most surreal experiences. Plus, it’s almost impossible to lose them! When the fire dies down, it’s the perfect time to break out the set of glowing balls and have a little bit of friendly competition. If there are neighboring campsites, they might ask to join in as well. We’ve made lots of friends while playing this game! We talk about this often, but I swear every time we play this game somewhere public, people come up and ask us what it is. There’s always a little more space next to Kubb for this game in your storage.

There are dozens of fun games to bring on a camping trip. No one wants to read a long post about every single game. That would be unnecessarily long and probably boring, so we picked the ones that we would personally take. Bottom line: plan a fun camping trip with friends, bring your favorite games, and if you build a fire, make sure you put it completely out. No, we weren’t sponsored by Smokey the Bear to say that last one, but it goes without being said with how dry it’s been. Have fun, be safe, and get out to enjoy the beautiful world around you. Even if that means camping in your backyard. Heck, you can even set up a tent in your living room. Shake things up and have fun doing it!