Bear Lake

Recently I heard that Bear Lake (in Utah/Idaho) is called the “Caribbean of the Rockies.” Take a look at these photos and tell me that you don’t agree!

We try to do a family trip at least once a year with each side of the family. This year with COVID-19 it make things a bit more difficult, but we were still to make a trip happen close to home.

That leads to a big point–there is SO MUCH TO DO around us. We are within hours of 5 national parks in Southern Utah, and Northern Utah has mountain adventures and lakes galore to explore. We love living in Utah and hope to get to explore as much of the state as possible during our time here.

Up at Bear Lake we were able to ride some Jet Skis, go boating, play yard games on the beach, kayak and play other fun games in our room. We stayed close to the beach so we could walk out and play as quickly as possible! If you haven’t been to Bear Lake, we highly suggest the Raspberry Shakes from La Beau’s. We tried both Zipz and La Beau’s shakes, and we believe La Beau’s took the cake (even though it’s a shake 😉 ).

As mentioned before, we made sure to bring our favorite beach games for the vacation (we literally having been bringing bags of games everywhere we go, it’s amazing 😂 ). Shaka Ball has continued to grow on us, and of course the classic Kubb is a game we bring to every beach.