Why you should get a kayak this summer

At the beginning of the summer, Cassidy’s brother invested in some Kayaks.

Result: Best. Investment. Ever.

We have seriously considered getting some after using his on some various family trips. We are all about investing up front to have endless amounts of fun after. This is true with most backyard games, pickleball, snowboarding, etc.

Josh has used these kayaks down the local river, the salt flats, we took them up to Bear Lake and Idaho as well. He got a nifty rack to transport them, and they have made every trip so much more fun! They aren’t too hard to lug around (I mean they are heavy, but not as bad as one would think), and the durability has been great for all the places they have been so far.

We can’t find the link to the exact kayaks, but they are extremely similar to these found at Dick’s Sporting Goods (also pictured below). We love the kayaks that you can sit down in; it makes it so you don’t get wet and can transport things along the ride. For example, Cassidy brought her camera down a river, you could bring lunch, or experience an early morning kayak ride where you don’t necessarily want to get wet.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT Kayak

While up in Island Park, Idaho we rented some “above seating” kayaks (meaning there isn’t really a hole for you to sit in) like these kayaks. There are holes in these, so water definitely seeps in and it seemed the heavier you were, the more water came in. They are great for super hot days, but I’d say that’s about it. We learned a few things that day. First, with the price of rentals, you can honestly use your kayaks 3-4 and then they are completely paid off. WORTH IT. Second, we learned that the seat back on the Lifetime Kayaks we rented were not super durable or comfortable… they were rigged to stay together but were a hard plastic. In contrast, Josh’s Pelican Kayaks have a nice back that seems to be more of a softer squishy material that is durable and comfortable. Wasn’t even a close competition for that category in our opinion.

Potentially the only downside to Josh’s in hole kayaks are when you flip them… though we didn’t have that issue, he mentioned that once when he flipped his, it was dragging it to the side and having to dump it all out in order to float again. 😂 An adventure nonetheless!

If you are looking for a good outdoor activity investment late this summer, or even next summer, GET A KAYAK. Actually get two. It’s always good to take a buddy on adventures 🙃 (a safety message brought to you by the Backyard Buffs).