How to create your own Fun Trunk 😎?

If you’ve read our past posts, then you’ve probably heard us refer to what we like to call our “Fun Trunk.” I’m sure you thought “What the heck is a fun trunk?” Now this is a question that would be our pleasure to answer. Prepare yourself! Introducing the Backyard Buffs Fun Trunk

You may be thinking, “it just looks like a car trunk that needs to be cleaned out…” While you may be correct, it’s also so much more! We pride ourselves in being known for having the most well-equipped trunk for fun, in all the land. Wherever we go, a BBQ, camping trip, or honestly any outdoor outing, we always have games or supplies handy in the fun trunk to provide a good time. There is literally no limit to times when the fun trunk comes in handy.

Like many of the events and activities going on lately due to coronavirus, we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of our fun trunk. Some compare it to Mary Poppins’ purse or even Newt Scamander’s suitcase when they find out just how much fun we can cram into the back of our little red Kia Forte.

  • Glow in the Dark Bocce Ball – We wrote a whole post about how much we love this set. It fits nicely in the trunk. Take it everywhere and as soon as the sun goes down, you have an amazing game that makes everyone look on in awe! You can also play during the day at beaches, in the park, or honestly anywhere besides the cement. 
  • Large lawn chairs (2) these guys might get the boot here soon. We bring them for specific events, but all the time…let’s just say “Large” is an understatement. You can’t have that much of the fun trunk being taken up by one item!
  • Small lounge chairs (2) – these are more like beach loungers. Low to the ground, and you can stretch out the legs. We love love love bringing these on camping trips and keeping them available in the trunk long term. Seriously, we love these chairs. Don’t know how else to state it.
  • Soccer cleats (both Merek and Cassidy keep them in here which makes for some stinky car days, have to admit).
  • Swimming Suits & Beach Towels – one for each of us. Have to be prepared for an impromptu hot tub night, swimming, running through the sprinklers, or a game of water kickball.
  • Going off of that… we also keep a kickball in the fun trunk. 😁
  • A Soccer Ball (Cassidy’s favorite sport).
  • A Volleyball (Merek’s favorite sport).
  • Racquetballs & Racquetball Racquets – During our winter season these are PERFECT to keep handy—especially since our local rec center has multiple racquetball courts available throughout the day
  • Disc cones – good for soccer drills, ultimate frisbee corner lining, and setting up any other games with borders. They take up barely any space and we have been surprised at how often they have come in handy!
  • Eno Portable Hammock – we love having a hammock the size of two fists to bring up the canyon, to the beach, next to the camp fire, etc. Also, this one is just great quality AND fits two people. Double winner chicken dinner.
  • Rollors – A fun game that’s a mix of bocce ball and horseshoes. Read our review if you haven’t already! Can be played on any grassy or sandy surface. Perfect to pull out for a BBQ or camping night.
  • Bottle Bullseye – Fun game to pull out when you have some down time in between things. Kids love this game!
  • Pickleball Paddles & Balls – Pickleball is crazy popular in Utah, and one of our all-time favorite games to play with friends and family. The paddles linked there are a good starter set, but you can find much cheaper and much more expensive as well. Our courts are always packed, so we got creative with multiple people, and tight space and wrote a post about different pickleball games you can play on a court. It’s oddly been one of our most popular posts to date. Always good to keep a few paddles in the fun trunk in case someone wants to go out and play! Here’s our pickleball game review in case this is totally new to you.
  • Bose speaker – always fun to whip out some music while playing games!
  • Water Bottle – Stay hydrated people.
  • Wrist Rocket – Grab some paintballs and launch them at targets with a wrist rocket… and her friends would play some paintball as well. Quite entertaining. Wear protective eye wear.
  • Umbrellas – Always prepared for a rainy day
  • Blanket (hidden under the kickball in the back) – ready for a picnic!

This is the beloved collection we’ve acquired over our first few years of marriage. I’m sure we will retire certain things at some point and make room for new games (like the large lawn chairs taking up way too much space right now).

Like we said earlier, the fun trunk is so much more than just a trunk full of games and stuff. We are big believers in doing things that not only bring people together, but also allow us to be active. When we come together as friends to play games, we have fun, make memories, relieve stress (especially important right now) all while exercising. Merek’s thoughts here—I don’t want this to be a soapbox, but having graduated with a degree that focuses on health and well-being, I know that finding fun ways to be active is essential to living a long, happy, and healthy life. While the fun trunk may just be a dirty trunk full of games, it’s also a catalyst to a long and healthy life. We hope that you’ve seen the merit of having a fun trunk and maybe toss a frisbee or a tennis ball in yours the next time you go out. Every fun trunk starts with one fun game!