Backyard Buffs are Back 2020


Long time no see! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a safe passage into the New Year.  We took a Backyard Buffs Break for the holidays and early months of the year, but that didn’t stop us from doing activities that we love. While it was snowy and cold in our Utah home, we took a quick trip to Arizona in hopes of warmer weather and prime Pickleball playing. We must have been on the nice list this year because Santa upgraded our wooden paddles to some nice graphite Onix paddles. So far we’ve loved playing with them, but it takes a couple rounds to get used to playing with such a light paddle. We also gained a few new board games, or more typically described as “indoor games”, and had our share of playing them all with our loved ones. Apologies for any yelling or false accusations during our intense rounds of Secret Hitler (further explanation and game review to come). 

Not only did we get some good indoor game action in, we also enjoyed some snowboarding, lots of indoor soccer, racquetball, lots of volleyball, and even some wonderful innertube water polo. Exactly what it sounds like. Sitting in a tube, paddling along, playing water polo…in a tube. Hilarious and a good arm workout. Currently our team is heading into the tournament. Wish us luck and maybe we will reward you with a video. 🙂 

While our break was good, we are hungry to share more games and activities with you. We’ve said this before, but not only do we want to be your go-to source for backyard games, but also for all games and activities that get your heart pumping, or simply get you to be doing anything else besides the dreaded “eh let’s just look for something on Netflix”. (Though we always respect a good movie night every once in a while, and Locke & Key is currently what we are watching!) 

The first game of our Indoor Series we will be featuring here this week has been a crowd favorite so far. All have loved it and we are stoked to be sharing it with you… stay tuned and see a sneak peak below!

Burrito Squishee