Game Review: Kan Jam Splash!

Summer pool parties are here and you need a new game to bring, right? Welllll take the OG Kan Jam game and spin it into a mini water version and we have just the game for you! Dive, splash and wing your mini frisbee to your partner in the pool with Kan Jam Splash.(Wow, could that have sounded any more like a commercial?)

  • Time to set up: 2 min! Super quick snapping the plastic pieces together and then sticking them into the floaty foam stuff. The very first time you set up there is an additional 20ish seconds of slapping the stickers on the plastic pieces as well. Super simple set up and easy, peezy to set up each time. We just keep the plastic pieces in the foam and store them that way, or if you need even more space, flatten out the plastic to lay flat and the only space you need is for the 2x8x8 inch pieces of foam.
  • Duration of game: We would estimate it takes about 10-15 minutes per round. A round is playing to a score of 21 (exactly), no going over! (More on how to play below.)
  • Number of players that are needed/can participate: 2-4 or more. This is a game that we think is most ideal with 4 players. We have played variations with more, but it needs to always be an even number. When you have more, you will essentially want to rotate and go to the end of a line. First group to 21 wins. Creating a tourney of some sort with larger groups is better than a modified, variant version in our opinion!
  • Where it can be played? Pick a pool or area with water! I would suggest not a river because if you are chasing the “goals” down the river, the current adds an element of complication that seems too absurd for our taste. (I mean it could be fun, try it and let us know. 😂) We on the other hand are apparently boring and have stuck to the basic pool or flat water surface when playing.
  • How to play? The rules are the exact same as regular Kan Jam – here’s a modified explanation for 1v1 as well. Ultimately throwing the frisbee, if you get it in the slot, instant win boom boom bang you are the bestest. Hit the kan, 2 points, 1 point for redirected it, and 3 points for smack down hit into the hole. Or as they call it “Bucket Slam Dunk!”

Total Game Score: 13 11

Ease of storage/portability: ORIGINAL WRITTEN REVIEW: 4. Because this is such a small game, it’s super easy to store. The OG Kan Jam is much more tricky in our opinion. One thing that we do wish is that it had come with a better box or bag or something to store it within though. Right now it just gets thrown on some shelves in our garage, when I would prefer to keep it all together and not risk the chance of the mini frisbee getting lost, or other stuff just getting stacked on top of it.

Update a few weeks later: 2. we already lost the frisbee hahahaha. Told you we wished we had some sort of bag to store it in. It’s extremely hard to transport and keep the mini frisbee with everything. We were a bit annoyed, so down the score went. At least you can buy replacement frisbee’s, but still, super annoying.

Durability (packaging or game pieces): 2. A couple factors relating to our low score for this game. First, is that I wish it actually came with 2 of the mini frisbees. (See markdown above, we anticipated it!) It’s not a huge deal because you only play with one at a time, but I’d love to have an extra one around just in case anything happens (LOL). (I’ve always loved that Spikeball included a few extra balls in the initial set.) Second, the “foam” pieces that you stick the plastic pieces into are not the best quality unfortunately. If any young kids or toddlers pick at the foam, I have a feeling that it’s going to start chunking way. Keep away from young kids and dogs.

Friendly for all Ages/Skill Levels: 4. Ultimately you can play this game with a wide variety of age groups. If you want to play with a younger crowd, jut move it more to the shallows of the pool. Looking for a bit more challenge? Wade out into the deep end and tread water while playing. Be careful if you are playing against competitive ex-water polo players though, because they may out tread you before you can win. 😉

Fair Pricing: 3. Genuinely this is a pretty cheap game! It was only $25 which is pretty fair pricing in our opinion. (Besides the fact that we lost the frisbee within a few weeks. Ha.) Looks like it’s now selling for closer to $31.

Conclusion: Just imagine it…. it’s a warm summer day, you’re at the pool, or lake, or beach… you want a bit of action and activity, but want to cool off at the same time… this is the game to keep on hand for a moment just like that. A bit of activity while cooling off all baked into one. (Get it, baked, because you’re baking in the hot sun?)